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  • More About Strangers

    We're not homogeneous. (Gosh, I hope we aren't.) And I don't want to have the same conversations and do the same things with the same people, always. And I have learned -- sometimes though hard lessons -- that one relationship never will be able to fill all the holes. No singular friendship is enough.

    There are too many things that I want to love and experience that will never be things that my friends will want to love and experience. And that's okay. Just as it's okay that I will probably never purposefully listen to a Lil Wayne song. 

    Last night I went by myself to an Instagram meetup at Mt. Davidson with STRANGERS. 

    I didn't talk about myself at all, really. Nothing personal. Just about photography, the light, the trees, the moon. The beautiful, Harvest moon of heralding Fall.

    Everyone there was passionate about all of these things, and we came together to spend time enjoying them. 

    Maybe a friend would have gone with me if I had asked, but I didn't. I just wanted to go as myself, an unknown, with no backstory. With no expectation of expository information or perception.

    I wanted to be someone new.